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  1. Online visibility and reachability by top listing your service or portal depending on your pi credit. As soon as you are a Pi Score member, you are automatically visible on our portal and marketed to our users.
  2. Your pi credit is your credit, distribute pi credit among your products/services and spend only when you get salesback.
  3. Having Pi Score gives you potential customers an incentive to purchase your product/service.
  4. On demand real time analytics would be provided which is custom tailored to your product.
  5. Pi Score gives you maximum probability to your advertising spends and also helps you reach your break even faster by generating sales greaterthan your investments.

Now, Always Get Sales > Your Ad Spends

Sales defined advertising system

The Age-Old Ad Scene

It is common knowledge that ad spends eat into revenues almost as much or at times, even more than the taxes. Ad driven growth has surprisingly fallen over the years and with the advent of the internet, the ad-sales to ad-spends ratio has drastically reduced. Well, that is expected - since the scheme of things has more or less been the same for more than 50 years in the traditional out-of-home ad medium.

We are talking about two things here:

  1. The process of linking your ad spending with the results is almost impossible in the poster, banner and hoarding set-up.
  2. What's in it for the end-user, the customer? Well, you are in business because he/she benefits from your product and hence, drives sales. But what is your ad giving your customer, how is it adding value to your buyer - because that is what defines what you are as a company. And sadly, in the present scheme of things, there is only so much you can give to a customer in terms of ads.

Pi: A Retail Ad Revolution

A Retail Ad Network with over 1000 Partnered Stores

What if we told you, after years of experience and understanding of the model and pain-staking R&D - there is an idea, a process that will not just solve the above noted issues but also help in drastically optimising your ad-spends while - you know the return on investment, your customer actually benefits from the ad (in actual monetary terms). So we've tried to play and tweak the age-old saying of one shot two birds and made it three. Read on to know what PI Score is all about.

Pi Score: Sales Driven By Sense, Efficiency & Value

So here it is, Pi Score, an application driven by Deep Learning techniques, Raw data, Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and pure common sense. We truly believe Ad Spends should result in direct sales. So we have devised a way, where every ad has a Pi Score and that will base on solid-tech driven number crunching that is customized to your ad.

How It Works

How It Works: Connecting The Off-line On-line Worlds With Sales

Pi Score's basic ethos is built on the fact that every ad should generate revenue and for that, the first step would be putting a tab on how valuable the ad is to the buyer and the seller. So we have developed a unique QR code system where a customer can scan your ad with that QR code - be it in a newspaper, on the hoarding or even a picture shared on whatsapp (yea, that's how accessible advertising can/will get with Pi Score), and use it to actually get pi credits when Your customer shows up at a Pi enabled retailer.

Here's what you can get out of the deal - you can put a tab on ad spending and in turn, give the buyer a unique pi credit that is actually valuable and can be redeemed later at a Pi enabled e-tailer. So you are giving the customer a benefit, only when he or she sees your ad, scans the code and goes to a retailer and claims the credit by a purchase. With Pi Score, you will know the performance of your ad (even in the traditional media), have the date that would enable you to drastically cut down on expenditure (because you will advertise only where necessary based on performance of ads) and finally - it's a self service system in the simplest and most sensible way.

India's First Do-It-Yourself Ad App.

Pi Score is a direct advertising app, you can create custom campaigns for your advertisements, generate QR codes and print them on your ads, wherever they are and get real-time data on how they perform and how much you want to spend. So, are you up for it? Sign up with Pi score and make the most of the money you spend on ads.

Why Pi

Realtime Analytics

Get realtime data of each and every Ad and their performance and make quick decisions to optimize your ad campaigns. Get real with real sale data.

Customer Profiling

Create a portrait of your customers and design your products or services accordingly. Make and manage customer groups sharing similar goals.

Buying Pattern Analysis

Capture all the aspects of purchases, utility and disposal of products and services. And commence an action required on board.

Geo Targeting

Get on board geo locations and customer action points to target specific customers.

Customer Retention

Take on board actions and reduce the number of customer defections. Retain as many customers as possible by attaching them to Pi Eco-System and grow brand loyalty.

Recharge Plans.

  • Basic
  • ₹ 10,000
  • 10,000 Credits
  • Works Upto ₹ 5,00,000 in Closed Sale Basic
  • .....
  • .....
  • .....
  • Sign Up
  • Silver
  • ₹ 1,00,000
  • 1,00,000 Credits
  • Works Upto ₹ 50,00,000 in Closed Sale Silver
  • .....
  • .....
  • .....
  • Sign Up
  • Gold
  • ₹ 5,00,000
  • 5,00,000 Credits
  • Works Upto ₹ 2,50,00,000 in Closed Sale
  • Customer profiling
  • Product profiling
  • .....
  • Sign Up
  • Platinum
  • ₹ 10,00,000
  • 10,00,000 Credits
  • Works Upto ₹ 5,00,00,000 in Closed Sale
  • Customer profiling
  • Product profiling
  • Product Geo Heat
  • Sign Up



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Who We Are

Pi Score is an IoT (Internet of Things) driven by one-of-a-kind advertising and marketing app that has been developed by talented young man Jayanth Kumar (CEO & Founder) and our team of 40+ super-cool tech developers, accountants, ad-execs and marketers based out of Hyderabad, India.